The Tale of Cloran Hastings


  • Prologue  – Click to read the prologue, FREE
  • Chapter One – The Lonely King of Menigah
  • Chapter Two – The Long Awaited Homecoming
  • Chapter Three – A Nasty Scuff on the Port Side
  • Chapter Four – The Reef of Many Graves
  • Chapter Five – Staghorn’s Rock
  • Chapter Six – How to Get Rid of Nuisances
  • Chapter Seven – A Day with the Archineans
  • Chapter Eight – Cache Cove
  • Chapter Nine – Finding the Captain
  • Chapter Ten – The Lady with the Red Hair
  • Chapter Eleven – Pale-Faced Hospitality
  • Chapter Twelve – The Narcotic Effects of Silver Blood
  • Chapter Thirteen – The Ring of Ice
  • Chapter Fourteen – Roundshell
  • Chapter Fifteen – Mister Slinky
  • Chapter Sixteen – An Oral History
  • Appendix
  • Glossary


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