The Tale of Cloran Hastings

  • Brandon Grayson

    Verified Review


    “A Fantastic Book”

    When I heard that Brandon (Oxhorn) had written a book, I knew I had to pick it up, knowing his work already, with his wonderful, witty writing and great sense of humor and adventure. The best thing about this book is that it got me invested in the characters and what happens to them; Brandon does a fantastic job of setting up the characters perfectly, and giving them plenty of humanity, making them funny when it’s appropriate and somber when they have to be. The plot is wonderfully fun, it’s set in a rich and mystical fantasy world with its own entire lore and backstories to compliment it, and this book had me invested in it the whole way through. May Brandon M. Dennis write many more books, for I want to read much, much more! Can’t wait to see more! (By the way, pick up this book now).

  • April Adams

    Verified Review


    “Oh, My Goodness”

    After reading this book, I can successfully say that Brandon (or Oxhorn) is a fantastic writer! I loved every bit of it. The characters, the monsters, everything made me love this book. And that cliffhanger…. I wanted to punch a wall because it left me hanging off such a steep edge. I really enjoyed reading this novel and I dearly hope you make a sequel. ‘The Tale of Cloran Hastings: New Land,’ or something to that nature.

    Thank you for such an epic book.

  • Brad Campbell Review


    “Good Job Ox”

    I’ve had this book for just over a year now and i must say it is great, one of the bests books I’ve read.

    You did great Job with this book Ox.



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Reviews January 25, 2014

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